A skill matchmaker between talents and jobs, and the required learnings to support people in creating their personal career routes.

This revolutionary prototype tool - still in development - aims to develop a set of algorithms that match talents skill sets with the perfect fitting job. In addition, it suggests learnings to close existing skill gaps and which shall support the evolvement of personal career routes of future STEM talents. It is a tool which aims to support people individually with their personal learning and career path and combines life-long-learning opportunities with specific job offers. It is based on the latest version the European classification system ESCO (European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations).

Since OpenSKIMR is still in a development phase, its current aim is to build up a community that can help to create this prototype tool.

Stakeholder in charge: PDA Group GmbH

Target group: Job searchers

Rationale: The aim of this project is to spread and improve the availability of digital skills in Europe in order to foster digitization to reduce the youth unemployment rate, to improve the employability, to provide guidance, and to show possibilities to talents spread over the whole of Europe.

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