My future job with IT


"My future job with IT" is a project to develop entrepreneurial, IT and communication skills for young people by offering interactive seminars about how to identify their IT skills level and skills for entrepreneurship, develop IT small business, effectively use communication tools, learn about new technologies and build valuable skills.

The project allows 1200 young people from age 16-24 in Latvias 3 remote regions acquire necessary skills and create opportunity for their future jobs with IT:

  • 1st Tier participants -- 200 young people from age 16-24 are involved in 18 hour training seminars across Latvia.
  • 2nd Tier participants -- 1000 young people from age 16-24 across Latvia is engaged in project by1st Tier participants in cooperation with libraries all across Latvia.

The project is of national dimension, involving participation of National partners -- Public network of libraries, regional municipalities, youth organizations and LIKTA Latvia@World centres.

Contact person: Mara Jakobsone

Phone: +371 67311821


Stakeholder in charge: Latvian Information and Communication Technology Association (LIKTA)

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