InventEUrs fosters social inclusion and equity in underprivileged schools (with particular emphasis on newly arrived migrant children) through innovative and engaging connected learning experiences.

InventEUrs is a European project created for the purpose of adapting and improving a project that already exists, Inventors4Change, which for four years has been promoting connections between underprivileged children in Spain and India and encouraging them to become agents of change in their communities with the help of technologies for creative learning and digital media tools.

Under the scope of InventEUrs, migrant children of disadvantaged schools in Europe will be interconnected among them and with children from other schools, and mixed teams with children from different countries will co-create projects and invent solutions that revolve around global issues.

As main results, an online platform for connecting schools and methodologies for implementing the invention-based collaborative learning approach will be designed and developed. Another result will be a MOOC for teachers and education stakeholders.

Stakeholder in charge: Universitat de Girona

Target group: Underprivileged children

Rationale: Digital skills are a basic skill for the 21st century and a basic requirement for many future jobs. However, underprivileged children usually do not have access to new technologies at home. Programmes enhancing their connectivity help them to get used to new technologies and new forms of communication. Digital skills can also increase their involvement in their communities and self-initiative thanks to the advantages of new digital tools to develop projects.

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