Integrate IT


The project INTEGRATE IT is a School Exchange Partnership aiming at integrating digital technologies into the special education process in order of ensuring increasing quality of the education offered to students with special educational needs - SEN.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Increasing the integration of digital technologies in education for the students with SEN from the partner schools through the exchange of best practices;
  • Developing digital competences of students with SEN from partner schools using digital tools;
  • Creating new teaching materials for students with SEN using digital support;
  • Increasing cooperation at European level using the eTwinning portal.

The partnership will be carried out for 2 years (in the period 01.09.2018-31.08.2020) through the cooperation and collaboration of 3 special schools from Romania, United Kingdom, and Turkey and one inclusive school from Italy.

Partners will collaborate within the European partnership team, exchanging their experience and exploring the possibilities of using digital technology in the learning process to better exploit the potential of ICT, reinforcing the employment of digital tools, creating and sharing digital educational resources for SEN students, teachers and parents and producing resource banks for different curriculum areas.

Digital technologies enrich the learning process in a variety of ways and offer learning opportunities to all students (including students with disabilities) while they give access to sources of information and resources. In particular, for students with learning disabilities and for students with mental disabilities, the learning process can be more accessible when using new technologies as an educational tool to overcome specific barriers in their learning process as well as they provide a wider perspective of the increasing possibilities to access the labor market in the future.

Within the consortium, a one Short-term joint staff training event will be organized in each partner country, together with online activities through the eTwinning portal with the participation of the students.

In addition, two online co-operation activities between students of the partner schools will be carried out through the eTwinning portal. Students will be involved in the project local activities organized on the topics selected by the consortium.

At the end of the project: "Integrate IT", we expect to:

  • Increase the use of digital technologies in partner schools by the implementation of digital tools and methods shared by partners in each partner school.
  • Creating educational tools by the participant teachers, using digital support to the benefit of students with disabilities.
  • Both students and teachers will be using TWINSPACE of the project and will develop digital competences and cooperation of partners at European level.

The educational resources and the final digital booklet created in the project will be shared online through the schools' website and the eTwinning project TWINSPACE to be used by all the professionals in the field of special education and other persons interested in the topic.

Stakeholder in charge: Centrul Scolar pentru Educatie Incluziva "Alexandru Rosca" Lugoj

Target group: Schools, teachers and students from centres dealing with the special education.

Rationale: Students with disabilities face everyday life with multiple difficulties they must deal with. Trough the integration of digital technologies in the education process for students with learning disabilities and for students with mental disabilities, we aim to develop the relevant digital competences necessary in life and in their future profession.

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