Good Guidance Stories + - More participation for low-skilled people


The project Good Guidance Stories + supports the training of guides for low-qualified and low-skilled people.

Low-qualified and low-skilled people often only limitedly benefit from societal wealth: When it comes to employment, they can only choose between a restricted number of job opportunities, they don't have optimal opportunities to train and qualify further (see also Eurofund) and this all results in lower wages and a lower social inclusion. One measure to enable more participation opportunities for them is to improve the quality of consultation. The project Good Guidance Stories+, funded by the Erasmus-+ programme of the European Union from 2014 to 2016, starts at this point: "Guidance can play a decisive role in the major decisions that individuals have to make throughout their lives".

Guides have to be qualified to respond directly to the specific needs of low-skilled people. However, according to the project description, both scope and contents of training for guidance practitioners is very diverse in Europe. To improve this situation, the project had three separate targets: First, they wanted to analyse case studies to develop concrete and applicable training modules in a reflected way. The case studies were mainly conducted in the predecessor project GUIDE. Second, they wanted to initiate a "regular and sustainable use" of the modules in 6 participating countries. And finally, additional case studies were conducted in France and the UK.

While the project runtime ended in August 2016, you can still benefit from the results of the project and apply them in your education environment. On the website, extensive information on the project and its predecessor project is available. A special site gives an overview on the available material for guides.

Stakeholder in charge: TU Dortmund

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