Find your strategic Erasmus+ partner in Tallinn!


The Estonian Erasmus+ National Agency is hosting a contact seminar for strategic partnerships.

The key action 2 of the well-known Erasmus+ programme of the European Union has the title "Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices" and includes – as a central element – so-called Strategic Partnerships, which are "designed to develop and share innovative practices and promote cooperation, peer learning, and exchanges of experiences in the fields of education, training, and youth." To receive project grants of up to € 150,000 a year, at least three organisations from different programme countries have to apply at one of the national Erasmus+ agencies.

Thus, for organisations who are interested to participate in a strategic partnership, international contacts are crucial to establish projects. This is obviously also the background of an event, which has already been hosted several times and will be hosted again this autumn in the Estonian capital Tallinn by the national Erasmus+ agency of Estonia. The "cross-sectoral contact seminar open to all Erasmus+ programme countries" aims to enable the identification of potential partners with similar interests to apply for strategic partnerships on the specific topic of ICT and digital skills. The seminar is open for different types of educational organisations: schools, vocational education and training, adult education and higher education.

Interested? Participation in the event, which will start with a dinner on 4th September 2019 and end with a lunch on the 7th September 2019, will cost € 750 but includes the accommodation for 3 nights as well as all meals. A detailed programme can be found here. The National Agencies from who the participation organisation derives will cover the travel costs. The application process is also run by the national agencies. Before the event starts, participants have to register on the event website and share a photo, contact details and a brief introductory presentation with the other participants.

For further details have a look on the website of the event.

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