"Entrepreneurship in My School" is an educational project aimed at students in primary education, in which students create and manage a cooperative during the school year. It is organized to make handicrafts, which are sold once a year in a market in your area.

"Entrepreneurship in my school" aims to develop:

  • Linguistic communication,
  • Mathematical competences and basic competences in science and technology,
  • Digital competences,
  • Learn to learn,
  • Social and civic competences,
  • Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship,
  • Cultural awareness and expressions.

In EME the students are in the center of their own learning. Learning is active, cooperative and meaningful. Because of this, the links between the school and the facts of student's immediate environment are daily present.

Rationale: The methodology of the project is based on effective participation of students in the classroom. Students are the ones to make the decisions and take risks. The role of teachers in the process is of support, advice and challenges proposal.

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