EJE project - entrepreneurship, international trade and foreign language learning opportunities in one project. Student-run companies trade real products with twin schools all across Europe and beyond.

EJE is a project which promotes entrepreneurship in Secondary Education with a strong international dimension. It offers 15-18 years old students an opportunity to communicate in a foreign language and learn about different cultures. The project aims to develop an extensive international network of student-run mini-companies exchanging information, catalogues and products. The focus of the project is on practical experience where students will have the opportunity to display a wide array of social, personal and business skills. This practical experience offers students the chance to develop, in a real context, skills and attitudes, such as initiative, decision-making, creativity and teamwork. At the same time they will become familiar with basic concepts regarding the creation and management of companies. Additionally, EJE provides students with the chance to learn about and come into contact with institutions, entities and companies in their local area.

Rationale: EJE seeks to turn students into the real protagonists of their learning so that they become active citizens at personal, community and professional level, enterprising people capable of generating ideas and turning them into actions.

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