Digital Business Academy


Digital Business Academy has been created by Tech City UK in partnership with leading educational institutions, businesses and organisations, to give you the business skills you need to succeed in a digital world.

The Academy offers eleven online courses, designed by experts and free to participants. You don't need any qualifications to do the courses. The content is designed for anyone aged 18 and over. Courses are delivered by UCL, Cambridge University and other leading educational institutions, and cover a range of essential business skills to help you start, grow or join a digital business.

Graduates of the courses are given the opportunity to apply for career enhancing rewards/opportunities offered by the initiative's industry partners in recognition of the gained skills. Rewards include fast track to start-up loans, free co-working space, mentoring, and ad credit. If you're looking to join a growing digital business, rewards include attending exclusive recruitment events with start-ups, and a chance to be fast-tracked to final interview stage for internships.

Target group: People age 18+ across UK

Rationale: The Academy brings together world-class educational institutions and industry experts to give anyone in the UK free access to digital business skills. Over 12,000 users have signed up across the UK since launch.

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