The "DAWN OF SCHOOLS WITH EDUCATION 4.0" project aims at integrating the Industry 4.0 components (3D printer, Virtual Reality, Robotics ...), producing changes in the educational revolution by achieving the goals of contributing to the development of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as reducing the failure rate below 15% mentioned in Education & training 2020, ET2020.

The project will have six partners and will be carried out under the coordination of the Turkish member (Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Latvia, Slovenia and Turkey). In this project, 6 Learning-Training-Teaching activities will be held to ensure cooperative work in order to provide a significant contribution to the development of new ideas through changing good practices linked to the integration of technology into the STEM sector.

The project will target the following groups: families, students, teachers and school and the general public. Teachers will learn about innovative teaching methods in LTT activities to be able to contribute to more qualified learning/teaching situations.

The partners' role in the project will be to introduce their own education system together with the following specific country related experiences:

  • Finland will share national and international VEX robotics experiences.
  • Turkey will share national and international EV3 Mindstorms experiences
  • Portugal will share national and international VR experiences.
  • Latvia will share national and international Drone experiences and introduce the Latvian Education system in cooperation with the Rezekne Academy of Technologies.
  • Sweden will share national and international 3D printing experiences.
  • Slovenian partner will share their expertise in STEM projects alongside with their experiences about Coding and programming.

According to the roles, each partner will organize LTT the foreseen activities implementing the following techniques and methodologies:

  • Interactive workshops and training courses;
  • Presentations, seminars, VR simulations, excursions, cultural trips, cooperation with universities and public organisations, small contests, video producing practices, team building activities, icebreakers and energizers;
  • Forms, surveys and questionnaires;
  • Formal and informal meetings;
  • Dialogues and exchanges of good practices.

Those activities will be developed according to the interests and profiles of the participants from the different partner countries.

In LTT Activities, 24 accompanying teachers, 50 students (12 of them with social, geographical, economical obstacles) will take a role. The age of participating students is 15-16. Both teachers and participating students will be selected according to the evaluation scale.

The beginning point of the projects is implementing the Education 4.0 revolution with Industry 4.0 components.

The project's general objectives are:

  • To inform schools about Industry 4.0 following the principles of "Inclusive Growth" in the EU 2020 strategy in order to fight against poverty and to modernize the labor market;
  • To inform pupils regarding new business lines through EU 2020 Strategy;
  • To improve the overall delivery of STEM in all partner schools through effective teacher training;
  • To foster the use of more effective and innovative teaching methodologies;
  • To heighten motivation among students and staff;
  • To provide students with real-world skills and 21st Century Skills;

The project's expected tangible results are:

  • The setting of a Robotic and STEM Club, Robotic and STEM LAB, CODEROBOSCHOOL UNIT at each participating school;
  • Mini Roboleague;
  • Logo contest -VR simulations of each school;
  • Seminars and workshops at Robotic and STEM LAB;
  • e-Booklet, brochures;
  • Public report, Public spot, and short film;
  • Project website, Facebook page, Youtube channel;
  • Changes in students' behaviors to other cultures;
  • Increase rates of students on STEM subjects;
  • Increase of Teachers using rate of Industry 4.0 elements on education

To ensure the sustainability of the Project, each project team will focus on tangible results and dissemination. The project website, Project Facebook page, and Project Youtube Channel will be open even after the project finishes. The public Report and e-book, the public spot and the short film will be shared on EBA. The public Report will be sent to YEGITEK to contribute building Education 4.0 policies in Turkish Education SYSTEM.

Email: @meb.gpv.tr

Stakeholder in charge: KUDRET DEMIR ORTAOKULU

Target group: Families, students, teachers and school and the general public.

Rationale: The Robotic and STEM Club, the Robotic and STEM LAB and the CODEROBOSCHOOL UNIT will inspire other schools to build these units at their own schools. One of the most important long-term benefits is to raise awareness to choose STEM-related vocations by students. In the long term, the project outputs will be a source for all schools and teachers involved in educational settings.

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