It's time for an electric bike - designing and constructing the electrically powered bicycle and intergenerational partnership in Europe


The project will be carried out by the partner schools ZSM 1 in Cracow and BBS1 in Mainz, which are reliable partners in the implementation of educational projects for students and training projects for teachers. The planned project is the result of long-lasting cooperation and the exchange of coordinators experience in international cooperation from both schools considering the needs of Polish and German participants.

The students will have to design and construct four bicycles with electric drive, two from each school. One of them will become the didactic module and the other one will be donated to senior community from one of the schools. The projects will be implemented thanks to the cooperation between international teams and their experience in this branch, which will be a valuable asset for the project.

The combination between the subject, educational objective and European aspect of the project will allow the electric bicycle to become a symbol connecting generations and integrating young people from Europe.

Thanks to the implementation of the project, the following goals will be achieved:

  • Increasing the professional knowledge of participants and their technical skills in the range of design and construction of modern solutions for electric drives used in bicycles,
  • The usage of information and communication technologies (ICT),
  • Strengthening intergenerational integration of participants with senior community,
  • Getting to know the regions of Lesser Poland Voidvodeship and Rhineland-Palatinate.

In order to ensure high quality of the project implementation, knowledge and experience of teachers from ZSM 1 in Cracow and BBS1 in Mainz will be used as well as the one of the engineers from universities and employees from bicycle services in Cracow and in Mainz.

Project's participants will be students and teachers from the Polish and German schools:

  • 12 students from each school, studying in the profession of motor vehicle technician and mechanic technician, interested in electric drive technology in two-wheeled vehicles;
  • 3 teachers from each school, who will improve their knowledge through participation in training and exchange of experience.

The project assumes the following activities:

  • Elaboration of technological projects and construction of bicycles with electric drive,
  • Elaboration of the guidebook in English entitled; "Design and construction of a bicycle with an electric drive";
  • Presentation of the results achieved;
  • Integration meetings and learning how to use electric bikes by seniors;
  • Organization of common bicycle events with the participation of seniors in the local communities of both partner schools.

During the project implementation modern activation methods will be used specifically the ones based on information and communication technologies, presentation and self-presentation, project method, observation and constructive thinking, taking initiatives and teamwork skills.

The results of the project: bicycles and guidebook - they will use all the technological solutions developed by Polish and German pupils. They will be a "tangible" effect of the project.

The implementation of the project will have an impact on the increase of technical knowledge, social and intercultural competences of the participants. Electric bicycles and guidebook will be used in schools to conduct professional classes in the range of bicycle mechanics and electric motors, which will serve as a support for gifted pupils. This will contribute to improving the quality and effectiveness of pupil education in the long term.

Established during the project implementation, the cooperation with seniors, universities and bicycle services will be continued after the end of the project. Technological solutions used to build electric bikes and guidebook will be widely promoted in Lesser Poland Voivodeship and in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Stakeholder in charge: Zespol Szkol Mechanicznych nr 1 im. Szczepana Humberta w Krakowie

Target group: Students and teachers from Polish and German participant schools.

Rationale: It is an innovative project which consists of the development of skills and technical competences of Polish and German pupils and teachers involving them in local community life. The project consists of innovative technical solutions far beyond school curriculum in Cracow and in Mainz.

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