Connected Cities of Learning


City of Learning is an initiative that aims to help connect students to extracurricular activities as well as to use the potential of Digital badges to drive greater participation in non-formal and informal learning and to close opportunity gaps in cities It is based on an online platform that allows young people to easily search through numerous out-of-school programs based on their interests.

By spreading the use of this infrastructure onto two new cities, young people who live, work, study in or regularly visit these two cities will get access to territory-specific platform and its capabilities, including an interactive map, learning playlists and digital badges. Once different learning opportunities will be gathered in one place, the youth will have an overview of all the possibilities their cities have to offer, making their learning pathways more goal-oriented and their learning mobility more flexible.

Once the platform is up and running, it will allow young people in Ljubljana and Cagliari to:

  • Browse through online interactive maps of the two cities where both learning providers and learning opportunities will be mapped;
  • Follow already designed learning playlists or create their own;
  • Be rewarded with digital badges for their achievements.

We will achieve this aim through the following objectives:

  • To transfer the existing online mapping software and good practice experience from Vilnius City of Learning to Ljubljana and Cagliari.
  • To map and connect opportunities of non-formal and informal learning enabling young people to better match them with their needs, interests and passions.
  • To develop capacities of local learning providers to create learning playlists - a youth friendly way to present and deliver diverse learning content online and offline with integrated recognition through open badges.
  • To engage young people in identifying learning opportunities and shaping the understanding of learning according to their needs, interests and passions.

The above-mentioned transfer of good practices from other European countries to Slovenia and Italy will be based on conducting learning and training activities to train the staff who will be using the platform and concept of City of Learning to do so efficiently.

All three activities are planned in such a way that people who have direct personal experience with designing and/or implementing the features of this online tool will be perfectly capable of managing the platform ensuring the needed levels of quality and efficacy and making it possible to populate the map with learning opportunities of the quantity and quality needed to reach the project's goals.

The first activity will be a study visit to Vilnius where participants will be able to observe the use of the platform in practice. The remaining two activities will be workshops for transfer of knowledge - one on researching local needs and mapping, the other on designing learning playlists.

All three activities will be attended by between 16 and 18 youth workers. Research activities will involve approximately 200 young people.


Target group: Youth workers and young people

Rationale: Youth are growingly engaged with new technologies and digital tools and media, making digital youth work one of priorities in the youth sector. This project provides a response to these challenges by employing principles of smart youth work.

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