Computing at School


The mission of Computing At School is to provide leadership and strategic guidance to all those involved in Computing education in schools, with a significant but not exclusive focus on the Computer Science theme within the wider Computing curriculum.

Excellence in the teaching of Computing can only be made by teachers through the way they deliver the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes associated with the curriculum. Through the participation of the wider community we seek to support and empower each other in an inclusive and self-sustaining body so that each child has the opportunity of an outstanding computer science education. CAS achieves this by supporting and promoting all those individuals, partner organisations, companies, and university departments who wish to run CAS regional hubs, put on CPD courses, generate teaching resources etc. that support the Computing curriculum.

Target group: Young people, NGOs, teachers

Rationale: Computing At School is leading school innovation in the UK and is providing all educational stakeholders with a timely and free quality support in achieving ambitious goals. The focus on computing in the new curriculum is an excellent opportunity for young people to develop the skills they need for employability, and CAT is making the implementation of this curriculum a reality.

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