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To gain a basic understanding of a societal situation, a "glimpse on the surface" may be sufficient - but for those who want to gain deeper insights, a closer look on the actual circumstances – often on local levels - is essential. Considering the large variety of local communities, they are of course not visible automatically. Instead, their visibility has to be created to ensure a good information flow. One concept dealing with this is the Community Reporter Program, which aims to empower local people and is launched by the UK organization People's Voice Media.

Community Reporters are local people who use the means of various Internet Media (Videos, Texts, Pictures) to tell their local stories. The topics covered by the reporters range from the neighborhood to personal hobbies or projects as well as local events. To become a community reporter, a course has to be completed. It not only imparts the necessary media skills (interviews, storytelling, photography etc.) and core community reporter values, but also provides access to a network of community reporters for mutual support and a platform, where local contents can be placed. Educationally, the program follows the so-called TiPPS methodology, which consists of:

  • "Teach skills through collaborative working
  • Practice skills in the real world
  • Peer review to develop skills and knowledge and provide reflective practice
  • Share the skills and knowledge with others"

The program is not only delivered by People's Voice Media but also by various other accredited organizations and trainers in Europe. To join the so-called Institute of Community Reporters and run the program in other local areas, organizations have to get a Social License. For more information on the conditions of licensing, have a look on this webpage and / or contact the organization. Also have a look on the community reporter platform to get an impression of the local contents as well on further information pages on the program and the institute on the People's Voice Media website.

Stakeholder in charge: TU Dortmund

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