e-Schools pilot project


A Croatian project to establish a system for the development of digitally mature schools and to evaluate the application of ICT in education.

e-Schools pilot project will pilot organizational, technological and educational concepts of introducing ICT in selected schools during two school years. Based on the experience of the pilot project, a strategy for the implementation of a system of digitally mature schools in the entire primary and secondary education system in the Republic of Croatia will be developed.

In digitally mature schools, the appropriate use of information and communications technologies (ICT) contributes to the following:

  • An efficient and transparent management of the school (direct objective).
  • The development of digitally competent teachers prepared for the application of innovations in their own pedagogical practices (direct objective).
  • The development of digitally competent students, who are prepared for a continuation of their schooling and competitive on the labour market (indirect objective).

The overall objective of the e-schools programme is to contribute to the development of the primary-school and secondary-school educational system in order to allow students to be prepared for the labour market, further education and lifelong learning.

Stakeholder in charge: Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet

Target group: Schools

Rationale: Successful informatisation should be understood as a long-term strategic vision of the educational system. It includes computer equipment and digital educational content, wireless Internet in the entire school, and the education of and support to teachers in the implementation of e-classes.

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