Thank you for taking part in this initiative!



The first round of SELFIE ENTREPRENEUR ended on 31 May 2017. Winners have been notified. The second round of the SELFIE ENTREPRENEUR will be launched in early September 2017.

Please stay tuned for news and updates! 




  1. If you are an entrepreneur, take a selfie and/or make a video of yourself and tell us your story. If you know an entrepreneur, take a selfie and/or make a video with him/her and interview him/her.
  2. Register on the website
  3. Send an email to (including your selfie and/or video, a title and the text of your description/interview) and sign in with your I-Linc user name.
  4. Your submissions will be added to the Selfie Wall.
  5. Selfie Entrepreneur is open from 1 December 2016 until 31 May 2017. Only entries received within that time frame will be eligible for the awards!

The interview can be in text or video format. It can be in any European language. If you recorded a video, upload it on YouTube and share the link as part of the body of the email.

*This initiative was inspired by an initiative from Spain by a group of three teachers: Paz Fernández de Vera, Elena Rodríguez and Isabel González.



  • The best 3 entries will receive a classic design digital MINOX camera.
  • The first 10 submissions will receive a Selfie Stick.
  • The 10 most interesting stories will be selected to appear on the homepage in the "Wall of honour" that we reserve for I-LINC changemakers, and they will get MovistarPlus5s T-shirts and Selfie Sticks! 

We have more surpises for the rest of the participants! But you will only get them if you send your Selfie-Entrepreneur story...

Each submission will be evaluated by a jury (formed by the I-LINC team) against the following criteria: quality of the image/video; clarity and quality text/script; originality of content. Points for each criterion will go from 0 (lowest) to 10 (outstanding).

Want to know more about the initiative's terms and conditions? Read here the LEGAL NOTICE