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Stakeholders conference on DigComp and EntreComp

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Brussels, Belgium

This event will bring together stakeholders from every sector with an interest in digital or entrepreneurial competences and seek to create a community around DigComp and EntreComp framworks to explore and advance the use of both.

A key feature of the conference will be an exhibition session run during part of the day which will allow stakeholders to present information on how they have applied or used the frameworks in their work. The event will also contain a number of interactive sessions and presentations.

About EntreComp and DigComp:

Since 2015, DigComp has become a well-regarded reference framework for establishing a shared understanding of digital competences and supporting development of digital competences in the work place, in education and training, policy-making and more widely.

EntreComp, launched in 2016, has already had positive uptake by stakeholders and is supporting new thinking and understanding of what it means to be entrepreneurial and to have a sense of initiative in today's challenging and ever changing society.

More info: https://ec.europa.eu/jrc/en/event/conference/conference-digcomp-and-entrecomp

Óscar Güell Elías

THEMES: Digital skills Entrepreneurship
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