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EAPRIL Conference 2017

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Hämeenlinna, Finland

The 12th EAPRIL Conference will take place in Hämeenlinna, Finland and will be hosted by the Häme University of Applied Sciences in close cooperation with the Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences (FUAS). As Finland has a very highly esteemed reputation when it comes to education, it is the perfect place to host the EAPRIL 2017 Conference.

The welfare of Finnish society is based on education, culture and knowledge. The flexible education system and basic education security make for equity and consistency in results.

In 2017, Finland will also be celebrating its 100th year independence providing an extra festive background to the EAPRIL Conference.

Registration is possible until 24th November 2017 with an Early Bid Deadline at 14th September 2017. The fee amounts to € 265 to € 550. Fur further information and the source visit this site.

Mathias Cuypers

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