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How do YOUth game? Youth perspectives on the benefits of gaming

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5:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Time Zone Sensitive)
Worldwide (online)

Christian Mogensen, an expert in gaming and self-proclaimed geek, will talk to youth about the benefits of gaming and how the human and social skills developed through games can be activated. Moreover, games need to be viewed as a healthy hobby, similar to LEGO blocks, puzzles and interesting books; as such, they offer many opportunities to learn new things, solve problems, build on existing skills and knowledge and discover new, within the boundaries of responsible gaming.

"Games have far too often been reduced to ‘fun' - but what we have learned through the last half decade is that games are amazing - and much more than ‘fun'. Games are social arenas where we band together to change, save or scorn the world. Whatever the outset, we are capable. Games teach us to succeed, and often to succeed with friends." says Christian.

The Insafe Youth Ambassador João Pedro Martins will also join the conversation to provide some interesting insights on his gaming habits and on the skills that he has developed through playing games.

Participating youth will have the opportunity to ask questions in a Q&A session with both speakers and find out more about their gaming experiences.

Any young person interested in attending the webinar can contact Mirela Gica (mirela.gica@eun.org) for the instructions to connect.

More info on Betterinternetforkids.eu.

Óscar Güell Elías

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