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Webinar: Computational thinking with LEGO® Education

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5:30 PM – 6:30 PM (Time Zone Sensitive)
Online (worldwide)

On Tuesday 17 October 2017, I-LINC will host a Webinar titled «Computational thinking with LEGO® Education» led by Jochen Didden, Lecturer on ICT & Media, and Catherine Roden, Lecturer of Science and Technology.

This webinar focuses on computational thinking and how to develop it with LEGO Education materials. Jochen and Catherine will introduce you to the different skills within computational thinking and two LEGO Education tools to practice them both in primary and secondary education, namely LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 and Mindstorms EV3. They will mainly discuss the didactical approach.

If you have never used these tools, please watch the following videos prior to the webinar:

WeDo 2.0:

Mindstorms EV3:

The Webinar is targeted at teachers of primary and secondary school.

It will take place on 17 October 2017 at 17:30 CET in the platform Adobe Connect.

If you want to participate, you can register filling in the Google Form below. Please, note that due to the limited number of participants the webinar virtual room can host, priority will be given to I-LINC registered users.

You are not registered yet? Please register here.

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